• La Anyta Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100 cm3.
  • Buds 8
  • Eggs 4
  • Sugar 250 grs.
  • Flour 000 150 grs
  • Corn starch 150 grs


  1. Put eggs and yolks in blender. Add the sugar in the form of rain.
  2. Beat to letter point: is when you can leave forms with the preparation … As if you wrote!
  3. Sift flour and corn starch on paper.
  4. Remove the mixer from the blender with spatula and with enveloping movements and incorporate the dry ingredients in two moments.
  5. Separate a few spoonfuls of the mixture in another container and now add the most important: the 100 cm3 of La Anyta olive oil. Mix until the ingredients are integrated.
  6. Incorporate the final preparation with enveloping movements into the first mixture.
  7. Dump in 24 cm mold and bake 180 degrees for 20 minutes.